New Year Retreat

Wild Goose XI (Self-Cultivation Qigong)

December 28, 2019 - January 1, 2020

Join Dr. Hu for 5 days of “Meditation in Motion”. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to cultivate your Qi sensitivity through mudras and learn stretch-with-ease using awareness.

What is Wild Goose X1?

Wild Goose XI is also called “Self-Cultivation Qigong”. Using mudras, easy-flowing movements combined with Bagua steps, and also through using imagery, this Qigong can induce Qi to circulate throughout our body, as well as go beyond our body and be connected with the Heaven and Earth energy. We know human Qi consists of both energy and information. The mixing of human Qi with the universe’s energy and consciousness, make it possible for this Qigong to not only promote our physical and mental health, but also cultivate our potential and unravel the human being’s unusual abilities.

How to Learn Wild Goose XI?

1. When we start to learn Self-Cultivating Qigong, first try to relax ourselves and keep ourselves quiet. Learn how to use the Wild Goose XI mudras, such as: “The Big Dipper” mudra; “Blooming Lotus Flower” mudra; “Open the Five Elements” mudra (Wu-xing-kai”); etc. to keep our whole body in the “relaxed, quiet, and empty” state. This is the key to the final successful learning of this advanced Qigong.

2. Wild Goose XI is well-known for its deliberately simple and gentle movements. Please remember that we are now doing “Meditation in Motion”. We should try our best to make these easy flowing movements a continuous and connected never-ending line.

3. Beginners in Wild Goose Qigong also can get some benefits from learning Wild Goose Qigong XI, so long as all your movements are comfortable with your breathing. Never stretch your breathing too long, never push your Qi too far. I hope your gentle movements will make your body relaxed and warm, and your mind become calmer and quieter.

Certificate for completion of 30 contact hours will be provided for those who have joined or who are planning to join the Wild Goose Teacher’s Training Program.



$545 Full program tuition, before Dec 8
$585 After December 8, space permitting

To hold your space for the retreat
Please send a deposit of $250 per person prior to Dec 8,
payable to Dr. Bingkun Hu. The balance of $295 is due prior to Dec 18.

Mail payments to:
Dr. Bingkun Hu, 2114 Sacramento St., Berkeley, CA 94702

To minimize the cost, lodging is on your own. Berkeley and surrounding towns offer many options from motels, hotels, private room and house rentals.

For more information about the retreat:
Please contact Julie Wellings:
or call 805-646-0068



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This retreat will be held in Kensington next door to Berkeley

Arlington Community Church

52 Arlington Avenue
Kensington, CA 94707







retreat registration form Download Registration Flyer


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