Summer Retreat

Wild Goose-9 and Wild Goose Meditation-3

June 24-28, 2017

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Join Dr. Hu for a week of fun-filled, rejuvenating Wild Goose Qigong and meditation. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn how to open the heart chakra through learning the advanced Wild Goose-9 and Wild Goose meditation-3 in a lovely close-to-nature room in the quiet town of Kensington (next to Berkeley) from a highly qualified master, at a very affordable price!

Five Days of Wild Goose! 6 Hours Each Day.

Enjoy a full 30 hours of instruction with Dr. Hu. We will meet for approximately three hours in the morning, then take a leisurely break and continue with three hours in the afternoon. Sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. on the morning of June 24, and finish at 5:30 p.m., except on our last day. On June 28, our fifth day, we’ll conclude our retreat at 3 p.m.

Welcome the Season of Growth

Summer is the season of growth. Hot weather naturally opens up the pores in our skin, making it easier for everyone to fully stretch out, and to open the meridians. We would even like to open up our heart chakra, the intersection of our meridians. After a long period of wet and chilly weather, we welcome the coming of summer. As we expect trees to grow bigger and taller in summer, we also look forward that our intensive training during the summer will make our body stronger, our mind sharper, and our mood happier.

How to Open up Our Heart Chakra?

During this 5-day summer retreat, we are going to teach Wild Goose-9 Qigong and Wild Goose-3 meditation. Both of them are involved with the opening of our three body centers (the upper, middle, and lower “dan-tian”).

Wild Goose -9 Qigong is also called “Chest-Opening & Aromatic Qigong”. As the title suggests, this Qigong is using specific whole body movements, including the Bagua steps combined with specific breathing to open up our chest, or our “middle dan-tian”. The key to this training is that we should be able to connect our middle “dan-tian” with our lower-dan-tian” and several important acu-points, such as: “ming-men”, “da-zui” (cervical-7) acu-point, the crown, the St-36, and the “Bubbling Spring” point. And then, of course, the belt channel.

Learn Wild Goose-3 meditation

This meditation is also called “The Big Dipper meditation”. Technically speaking, this meditation is for the training of “Figure 8 shaped Micro-Cosmic Orbit”. WG-3 meditation consists of these following parts:

1) Praying

2) Self-“needling” of the head

3) Arms circulating while using special mudra

4) Arms circulating while using special mudra

5) Meditating for 10 minutes

6) Final closing movement

The four-line mantra, which is used as a “secret-code” for us to tap into the celestial energy radiating from the Big Dipper is as follows:

Yao-shi lai lian-dan,

Di-zi yin shi lian.

Qi-xing bei-dou zhao xin-xiong.

Lian-gong gong–cheng ding cheng-gong.

Looking afar to forge my elixir,

I, a disciple, always do it in the wee hours

Feeling the Big Dipper shining on my chest

My practice will surely be successful.

30 Contact Hours

Certificate for completion of 30 contact hours will be provided for those who have joined or who are planning to join the Wild Goose Teacher’s Training Program.

For More Info

Please contact Julie Wellings: 805-646-0068 or



Program Fee:

$545 Full program cost before June 6
(with $250 deposit)

$585 After June 6, space permitting

To hold your space for the retreat
Please send a deposit of $250 per person before June 6,
payable to Dr. Bingkun Hu. The balance is of $295 is due before Jun 13.

Mail payments to:
Dr. Bingkun Hu, 2114 Sacramento St., Berkeley, CA 94702

For more information about the retreat:
Please contact Julie Wellings: 805-646-0068 or



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This retreat will be held next door to Berkeley at:


52 Arlington Avenue
Kensington, CA 94707







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