Dr. Hu's Qigong DVDs

Wild Goose 1

Wild Goose 1First 64 Movements
Wild Goose 1 Qigong is well known for its lovely and graceful movements, which are suggestive of the image of an innocent and carefree wild goose.

All Levels


Wild Goose 2

Wild Goose 2 Second 64 Movments
Wild Goose II offers one of the most important basic trainings in the Wild Goose system. As a perfect example of yin-yang balance, it trains us not only on how to disperse the dirty Qi, but also how to receive the fresh Qi. WG-2 can also develop our physical strength and agility.

Wild Goose 3

Wild Goose 3 Kunlun Baugua
Through the simple turning over of the palms, and the natural left and right turn of the body, this delightful Qigong trains our upper and lower body coordination and how to shift body weight in an effortless way.


Wild Goose 4

Wild Goose 4Spiral and Tripod
Tripod & Spiral Qigong is one of those rare jewels which can be enjoyed by both Qigong beginners and advanced practioners alike.
All Levels


Wild Goose 5

Wild Goose 5Soft Palms
Soft Palms Qigong is well known for its lively and ever-flowing lines of movement. One trains coordination, relaxation, and agility in a most enjoyable way. All new 2007 edition, produced by Flying Geese Productions.


Wild Goose 6

Wild Goose 6Patting the Meridians
This lovely practice integrates moving Qigong with meditation. Its simple movements and meditative tempo make it enjoyable for everyone to practice regardless of age or physical strength.
All Levels


Wild Goose 7

Wild Goose 7 Back Stretching Qigong
Wild Goose Qigong 7 stretches the spine and opens the Governing Vessel. It uses the deceptively simple Chinese figure eight movement to relax the entire waist and hips (GB-30 acu-point).


Wild Goose 8 Five Elements and Bagua
Wild Goose 8 Qigong is a showcase of how martial arts movements are incorporated into soft Qigong movements to enhance Qigong effects. All new 2008 edition, produced by Flying Geese Productions.


Wild Goose 9

Wild Goose 9 Chest-Opening Aromatic
Practicing This Qigong allows you to open up all your meridians, to mix your own Qi with the energy of the heavens and Earth (hun yun Qi), and to start making the coveted "inner elixir."


12 Treasures for Beginners
A great introduction to Qigong, and an ideal practice before learning Wild Goose Qigong. In addition to the eleven short, easy and enjoyable pieces for relaxation and coordination, this DVD also includes "Primordial Qigong".
All Levels


DVDs are available in the US and Canada only ($30 each plus shipping and handling). For ordering instructions, please email:

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